Whitehorse Pelvic Floor and Continence Clinic

Whitehorse Pelvic Floor and Continence Clinic

This clinic was established to provide care for women experiencing problems of pelvic floor dysfunction resulting in prolapse and incontinence both in the urinary and bowel area. Whilst for many women, these symptoms appear in the later years especially around the menopause, the foundations are laid early in life. Childbearing is the main cause although many have had symptoms even in their teenage years.

The philosophy is therefore to identify those women at risk and offer them an opportunity to improve their pelvic floor to try and prevent these problems developing later in life. For those who already are affected, a team approach offers them the best opportunity of remedying their problems.

Members of the team are Dr Chester Yeoh, Gynaecologist, Ms. Terri Poulton, Specialist Continence Nurse and Ms. Katherine Baquie and Ms. Sarah Duncan, both trained Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists.
Together, they offer a service for women for:

  • Pre and post pregnancy assessment of pelvic floor function
  • Teaching of pelvic floor exercises
  • Management of prolapse
  • Management of Urinary and bowel incontinence

In investigating the problems, women are offered urodynamic studies to assess their bladder function. A Bladder ultrasound to check on bladder support may also be requested. In cases with significant bowel dysfunction, an assessment by a colorectal surgeon will be required.

Treatment will depend on the causes and severity of the problems found. In general they may involve a number of modalities including:

For most, a combined approach is required to maximise the success of therapy. Close liaison between team members helps to improve the outcomes.